Our Mission

Our Mission

The Cribwolf Foundation is dedicated to help meet the growing need for accessible supportive housing in Canada. 

We support an inclusive community-based housing strategy that envisions collaborating partners building housing developments in communities across Canada.

We believe that special needs adults, seniors, and homeless youth should be able to continue to live in the community to which they are accustomed, in a safe, nurturing, and interactive environment.

The Cribwolf Foundation is a proud member of the Intentional Community Consortium (ICC), and supports a coordinated multi-community effort incorporating scale and shared learning as the best path forward to successfully create a significant number of housing units for individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities.

Our organization also believes a mixed tenancy model will enrich the lives of all MURB residents while broadening our scope to address supportive housing shortages affecting Canada's senior and homeless youth populations as well as special needs adults. We believe the integration of these three distinct populations in a safe, secure, and nurturing environment will strengthen the residence community in a supportive, stimulating, and socially-beneficial way.

To learn more about The Cribwolf Foundation, please visit our About Us page.

We invite you to join with us in making a difference for those with special needs in our communities.