Our Mission

Our Mission

The Cribwolf Foundation is dedicated to help meet the growing need for accessible supportive housing in Canada. 

We support an inclusive community-based housing strategy that envisions collaborating partners building housing developments in communities across Canada.

We believe that adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities should be able to continue to live within their home community, in a safe, nurturing, and interactive environment.

The Cribwolf Foundation is a proud member of the Intentional Community Consortium (ICC), and supports a coordinated multi-community effort incorporating scale and shared learning as the best path forward to successfully create a significant number of housing units for individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities.

Our organization is confident that our mixed tenancy model will enrich the lives of all Multi-Unit Residential Building (MURB) residents and effectively address supportive housing shortages impacting Canada's special needs adults; we believe the integration of both respite and permanent resident populations into a safe, secure, and nurturing environment will strengthen the residence community in a supportive, stimulating, and socially-beneficial way.

To learn more about The Cribwolf Foundation's vision and plan, please visit Our Projects page.

We invite you to join with us in making a difference for those with special needs in our communities.