Our Model: MURB

The Cribwolf Foundation proposes a community-central multi-unit residential building (MURB), for adults over the age of 21 with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. This project entails the construction of a new, or refurbishment of an existing, structure to allow approximately 20,000 square feet of living space and 5,000 square feet of common space.

What will the MURB look like?

The Cribwolf Foundation has been working closely with an architect to finalize the floorplan design for the MURB's main and residential floors. The design will accommodate 24 individual self-contained, single-occupancy apartment units and a main floor hub for administration, medical care, security, and activity rooms. Each apartment will range in size from approximately 700 to 750 square feet, ideally with utilities and appliances available based on the individual's capabilities and their families' wishes. The building concept is centred on safety, efficiency, and inclusivity, to ensure residents have an inviting yet secure facility, with easy access to both internal and external programs.

Our vision for the recreational rooms in the common area to provide access to activities that serve to enrich the quality of residents' lives, such as life skill classes, music and art classes, movie and TV viewing, banquets and parties, exercise therapy, and other wellness programs. The common area will also enable other interest groups, parents, sponsors, medical staff, volunteer groups, and support agencies to have easy and comfortable areas to interact with the residents.

Each resident will have easy access to his/her apartment unit at all times, should the need or desire for privacy or independent recreation arise; the MURB is not an institution, it is a residence and the individuals who call it home need to feel comfortable, relaxed, and free to make their own choices. To allow agency while still ensuring security, the MURB staff will use a centralized monitoring system to keep track of each resident and make sure they stay safe.

We are sourcing potential land with great care to position the MURB close to transportation routes and services to allow capable residents to have access to community resources. One of our goals is to be able to provide a specialized MURB shuttle service for group outings, including Special Olympic sports activities, local cinemas, festivals, and malls.

To fix the crisis, we need one MURB in every community.

Above all, The Cribwolf Foundation MURB housing model is designed to be easily replicable in a wide range of community sizes and locations, to quickly reduce and ultimately eliminate the waiting list as soon as possible.