Welcome to the movement!

Enriching the Quality of Life

The acronym EQL, which stands for Enriching the Quality of Life, is symbolic for us on two levels:

  • All individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities want to be treated as equal human beings, with the same dignity and agency as others; and
  • All people, no matter their intellectual and/or developmental capability deserve the chance to live a happy and fulfilling life.

The EQL movement is focussed on raising awareness for individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities and improving the conditions in which they live by tackling two critical issues:

  • The challenges they face in our society and the need for compassionate interaction; and
  • The growing housing crisis affecting their future.

We have created lapel pins bearing the EQL logo to make it easy to show your support for this important cause. For more information on how to obtain a pin, please contact us directly.

We invite you to join the EQL awareness campaign and wear your EQL logo pin with pride!