Membership Site

The Cribwolf Foundation has developed an online platform where parents, families, and organizations working to find solutions to the issues facing those with special needs can connect with each other and find the resources they require to move forward.

We are very excited to confirm that the site is now live!

Membership on this privately funded site is FREE, and caters exclusively to those most closely involved with special needs individuals:

  • Parents,
  • Caregivers,
  • Community agencies,
  • Government representatives,
  • Corporate partners, and
  • The individuals themselves.

In our Resources section of the site, we already have a preliminary Timeline Guide for Parents, geared towards helping new parents navigate the often confusing gauntlet of securing services and support for their child’s early and school years, and preparing them for the post-21 period when their child has aged out of the support system. New and expanded content will continue to be added over the coming weeks and months, to build on this initial portion of the Resources area.

In addition to information and networking resources, The Cribwolf Foundation is also working to build relationships with organizations that can provide employment services and recreational activity information to supplement currently available resources; we aim to present user-friendly postings for upcoming events, activities, and clubs for our members to peruse and those with special needs to enjoy.

Our goal is to gain strength in numbers.

By joining together and pooling our resources in one central location, we will succeed in making a difference and achieving success in our collective endeavour. We encourage all of those within the special needs community to visit and sign up for membership.